Knifemaker Goldsmith Lapidary and Ivory Artist

Shared by Chris Sievert - 9/21/2014

For over 30 years I worked as a Goldsmith and Lapidary Carver, I used legal and fossil ivory for restoration work of jewelry. I specialized in antique restoration of lapidary carving in stone and ivory from the Art Nouveau Period to the Medieval Period, some pieces older than 600 years. I have done gold and silver work for various Scrimshaw artists such as Rudy Waldrop. As a carver I did work with fossil mammoth, mastodon, and walrus ivory making various reproductions of sacred artifacts. As a knife maker I used fossil ivory for handle material. If my past work is banned, as is the case with various State law bans and potentially a federal ban, I would lose over half of the creative work I have done. I have been meticulous in only sourcing period and fossil ivory for my work. Nothing I have created in my artwork has meant an elephant living during my life time died to supply me with material to work with. For the last 2 decades all of my work has been with fossil ivory and has zero impact on elephant populations.

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