Elephant Killings in Chad’s Signature Park Cause Alarm

2015-09-01 | National Geographic News



This story of poaching sickens us all. We here at the Elephant Protection Association advocate for a legal ivory system to be set up. There are approx. 100 tons of ivory that could come into a legal system each year with out a single elephant being killed by human hands. Yes elephants die of natural causes, elephants with ivory tusks. So why shouldn't that ivory be collected and controlled into a legal market? If speculators, factories and consumers have a controlled renewable supply, one they can count on, the huge profits would be taken away from the poachers. Ivory prices would stabilize, and buyers for the contraband material would disappear. A legal controlled system works with diamonds, and it can work with ivory too. The living elephants become valuable to all the people, especially those sharing natural resources with them. I see this as a win- win. And after all, isn’t that what we want? 

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