Hong Kong ‘Open-Minded’ to Banning its Ivory Trade

2015-10-28 | National Geographic News


This article points out that Hong Kong is the world center for black market ivory. They ( wildlife groups?) are calling for the government in Hong Kong to start treating ivory like hard drugs. We all know how well the war on drugs is going, and how rich and powerful those drug lords are. So how exactly will this help? The article goes on to state that the government is 'open minded' to shutting down the legal trade. Lets give it all over to the criminal element, does anyone besides me think this is a bad idea? If indeed 75% of the population is in favor of a ban, and they all just stop buying, the bottom would drop out, sales would plummet, profits would go down and the elephant would not be poached. 




In a major policy shift, the world’s largest legal ivory market pledges new efforts to combat wildlife trafficking and may end ivory sales.

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