New Hampshire - SB451

New Hampshire Ivory Ban


December 21, 2017


Bans elephant ivory while creating limited exemptions for antiques, musical instruments, guns and knives. 

Our Position



The exemptions to this law show how silly it is.  The limited exemptions for antiques, musical instruments, guns and knives show that this is about virtue signalling without offending special interests.  What is not shown in this bill is any connectioin between the illegal trade of ivory or any of these other species and New Hampshire.

What about scrimshanders?  Pool Cue Makers?  Netsuke Owners?

This is all about virtue signalling without showing any evidence of illegal trade in New Hampshire.  It will trip up innocent people who make jewelry or buy & sell legal items less than 100 years old without saving any animals.

In fact, evidence shows blanket bans hurt animal species, as is shown both by elephants and white rhinos in Africa.  These species thrive in southern countries where sustainable use is allowed, and are rapidly declining where banned.  Local communities and governments have no incentive to invest in these species when they are legally declared pests with no commercial value.

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