Nebraska - LB39

Nebraska Ivory Ban


January 5, 2017


Bill applies to elephant AND mammoth ivory. Would prohibit trade of ivory within Nebraska, and be redundant with Federal ivory ban concerning interstate trade. Narrow exceptions for guns, knives and musical instruments

  • Less than 20% by volume
  • Fixed or integral component that does not account more than 50% of the item's value
  • Manufactured or created before 1975
  • Owner can document proving item's provenance

Also a narrow exception for items that are 

  • < 200 grams
  • Ivory <50% of item by volume
  • Ivory component is fixed or integral and dos not account for more than 50% of item's value
  • Ivory is not raw
  • Item manufactured before 1975
  • Owner has documentation proving provenance

And for antiques

  • Item at least 100 years old
  • Owner has documentation proving provenance
  • Ivory component <20% of item
  • Ivory fixed or integral component and does not account for more than 50% of item's value

Our Position



This bill is a waste of resources for Nebraska. It unnecessarily punishes people in Nebraska who own or trade items made with ivory.  Federal law prohibits international and interstate trade, so this bill does nothing to protect elephants, stop poaching, or end the illegal ivory trade in Asia.

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